Dutch Oven Cooking

We’ve seen and tasted their cooking in Florida State Rally in Sarasota FL, Region 3 Rally in Atlanta GA, Alumapalooza in Jackson Center OH, International Rally in Huron SD, and perhaps many other locations too. They’ve tempted us to find a place in our truck for stowing and hauling our own dutch ovens. If only we had some recipes from our Airstreaming dutch oven chefs! Your webmaster will find a place to post the recipes as soon as he receives these.

Here are recent pictures from Region 3 Airstream dutch oven chefs:

BRP Dutch

This is from a Unit Caravan on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Fed 24 folks from these…with lots of leftovers


FSR Dutch

This is a teachable moment. We were making two different recipes at the Florida State Rally.


R3 Dutch

At the Region 3 Rally, there was dessert for everyone, thanks to the Dutch oven crew.

Huron Dutch

At the International in Huron, we had an interesting group, loving the shade…and the dessert.


submitted by Matt Hackney, SE Camping Unit (012)

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