Why Would Airstream Company Show Support For WBCCI?

Let’s say WBCCI and Airstream Company each unselfishly acted as though their futures were intertwined. Let’s say they could, without any fear of repercussions from inurement, openly and helpfully conduct business to aid one another. The two organizations were, at one time many years ago, just so intertwined and it sure worked to their mutual advantage.

Hmm, there might be a lot of good realized if . . .

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Airstream Company AND WBCCI worked together for new buyers and members?

Justin Humphreys, Airstream Company’s Vice-President of Sales, addressed many interested caravaners today at the WBCCI International Rally in Huron SD. His presentation to the auditorium’s standing room only crowd was aimed right at this bunch of Airstream owners / WBCCI members.

Humphreys compared 2012 sales to 2013 ytd, and showed the product lines relative market shares to other major brands of trailers and B-vans. He claimed he is a data-junkie, and proceeded to prove it. Humphreys shared graphs and comments about how 2012 was a record-setting year for Airstream. He went on to mention the Airstream Company had 330 employees as of early 2013, they are up to 390 employees and they are still hiring. Orders are backlogged for Airstream trailers and B-vans through December, a great positive indicator.

Airstream Company surveys purchasers of Airstream trailers and B-vans at 90 days after purchase, and studies the purchasers comments to better understand how to meet market wants and needs. Other data they obtain includes buyers’ ages, career status, household income levels, and awareness of the Airstream owners’ club.

Humphreys told the group, including WBCCI Region Presidents, International President, and officers, the data show several key points of interest to the WBCCI leadership. These key points are as follows:

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Keeping between the ditches sometimes isn’t enough!

    >Age of owners is pushing downward, evidenced by age of purchasers of new Airstreams.
    >1st Time owners are often unaware of WBCCI, the Airstream owners club, or of Wally Byam. This represents an opportunity for marketing outreach not only to new owners but perhaps more greatly to potential owners.
    >More than 1/2 of purchasers of new Airstreams are working. They have less time for RVing, are interested in shorter trips and weekend events. Family-oriented rallies and activities are likely to be most appealing to this large group of new purchasers. They are very likely interested in travel with friends. And they are attracted to Airstreams for lifestyle support.

Humphreys’ comments might provide key goals for a WBCCI region and unit’s leadership. And Humphreys seemed to clearly state, “Here is important information for your membership recruitment and retention. Your club would do well to attend to this for its own future growth.”

There is hardly a more avid group of Airstreamers than the WBCCI membership. We travel together, camp together, keep in touch, enjoy our RVs and love the brand. These qualities are infectious — we show others how much fun this is and they “catch it”. Just being infectious doesn’t guarantee spreading this delightful aluminumitis WBCCIers enjoy so much. Members have to work at it and can use great leadership at all levels to help.

Does it seem Airstream Company’s Vice-President of Sales is nudging our club, as if to say, “Move Forward”? Perhaps it would be a good selfishness for Airstream Company to wish WBCCI well in recruitment and retention — what’s good for WBCCI is almost certainly good for Airstream.

And if it is good for WBCCI, shouldn’t our WBCCI leadership (and members) find this a very good nudge? Actionable goals promoted by Club leadership and related to recruitment and retention could unite the Club into forward motion, toward improved member recruitment and retention and success for the Club.

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Keep Moving Forward!

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